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Gurna Law Corporation is an esteemed name in the field of Canadian immigration and refugee law. At Gurna Law Corporation, under qualified barrister-level expertise, you can get lawyered up and avail yourself of the whole range of services to steer your application, be it first-time entry, study visa, work permit, permanent residency, an appeal to the IRB or judicial review by the Federal Court of Canada. At our core, we hold your trust in high regard and prioritize your well-being. As a rule, we make a steadfast commitment to refrain from offering false guarantees or pledges. Instead, we let our results speak for themselves: there are cases aplenty where we steered to success even those applicants who had lost all hope after rejections at multiple levels.

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Explore the journeys of our satisfied clients through their testimonials. Hear firsthand accounts of how our dedicated services have transformed lives, resolved legal challenges, and exceeded expectations. These testimonials showcase our commitment to excellence and the positive impact we've had on individuals navigating immigration, visa refusals, citizenship, and notarial needs.

Sanjeev Kumar

Saravpreet Singh has always been there for all my immigration related tasks. He is very helpful and kind. He understood my situation and guided me through the different applications I have done for my family. I appreciate your help and kindness Gurna Law Corporation.
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Amandeep Gill

Sunny veer g thank you so much for give us new life in canada... Thank you gurna law corporation
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nifty tuli

My name is Nifty Tuli. Gurna Law Corporation is the best immigration law firm. I was out of status for the last almost three years. Mr. Saravpreet Singh got a Temporary Resident Permit/TRP approved for me. I am so relieved to be back into legal status in Canada. For everyone who thinks all hope is lost for them, Saravpreet Singh is the angel for you.
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Sharda Rani

I give full credit to Gurna Law Corporation to give us new life in canada after 13th years... thank you so much veer g
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Baljit Kaur

The LMIA based work permit of my spouse and my open work permit were approved without any issues, thanks to the awesome efforts of Gurna Law Corporation. We felt our case was hard but they made it look easy. As we have got to know Mr. Saravpreet Singh more, we can vouch he is the most honest and sincere professional in the immigration field. His knowledge of law and his approach towards the work are truly remarkable. He is always available and is most gentle in his conduct. He is a complete professional. We worked with other immigration consultants in the past, but working with a lawyer was indeed different. We highly recommend Gurna Law Corporation for all immigration tasks.
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Hardeep Singh Gill

I was denied refugee protection. Gurna Law Corporation filed my appeal and the appeal was allowed by Refugee Appeal Division today on December 6, 2023. I am so relieved. Gurna Law Corporation are experts in dealing with refugee matters. I recommend them to anyone who needs protection from their home country. They listen to you and are always there for you. Mr. Saravpreet Singh is a very kind individual. He understood my situation and put in a lot of hard work in my case. Without him this would not have been possible!
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Faisal Khanzada

I am Faisal Khanzada from Karchi, Pakistan, living in Canada as a permanent resident. I submitted a sponsorship application for my spouse and child through Gurna Law Corporation. The service they provide was impeccable. I received timely updates. From the very start to the end, the process was seamless. I was provided with a thorough checklist of all the documents required. At every stage, I was properly guided. I am extremely satisfied by the professionalism and dedication of this law firm. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends and relatives in the future.
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Vamsi Kavuri

My name is Vamsi Krishna Kavuri. I am from Andhra Pradesh, India. My story is that after completion of my studies, I applied for a post-graduation work permit but it was not approved for a very long time. I kept waiting and waiting. My wife’s work permit extension application was also filed at the same time as a dependant upon me. I wanted to travel to India but did not have a work permit document yet. My wife and I had started to face problems in our employment for lack of a status document. We did not know what to do. By chance, when discussing the situation with a good friend, he asked us to contact Mr. Saravpreet Singh at Gurna Law Corporation. We immediately did and he advised that we could file for a writ of mandamus. We went ahead as he had guided and approached the Federal Court through Gurna Law Corporaton. Much to our delight, today both my and my wife’s permits were approved. I give full credit to Gurna Law Corporation for making this possible. It is a huge relief for our family. I have no hesitation in saying that Gurna Law Corporation is the best immigration law firm for handling mandamus cases. Thank you again!
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Gurna Law Corporation

How We Work

Under the leadership of barrister and solicitor, Saravpreet Singh, Gurna Law Corporation has handled cases across a wide spectrum of categories, seeing them through the entire gamut of processes mandated by the IRCC (immigration, refugees and citizenship, Canada). what lends a unique touch to Saravpreet Singh’s skill-set is a vast body of work spanning continents. During a very productive decade of legal practice in the High Courts and the Supreme Court of India, he accomplished success in civil and criminal matters, particularly in the northern belt of Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Delhi—areas known for contributing significant numbers of skilled immigrants to Canada year after year. This cross-cultural oeuvre and multi-systemic understanding makes Singh competent across territories and jurisdictions. He has hands-on experience of dealing with start-up visas, intra-company transfers, owner-operator work permits, LMIA application processing, and many more business and corporate immigration matters. His passion for court work has motivated him to take on complicated judicial review matters, with a high degree of success. Having been a star on the academic firmament during his years at the internationally prestigious Delhi School of Economics, Saravpreet is an accomplished writer and award-winning speaker on the debating circuit, skills that serve him well to this day as they shine through his legal drafting and case presentation in court.

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With a wide range of services to assist people in navigating the difficulties of the immigration processes, Gurna Law Corporation is a well-known name in the field of Canadian immigration and refugee law.

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